Friday, August 26, 2011

Duck Butt!

That's what I feel like most days when I head to work.  I got rid of a bunch of scrubs about 4 years ago, because I gave up on losing weight.  Well, problem is...I need them back because I feel like I look like this nowadays

Being a 31 year old single mother of a 9 year old growing weed and caretaker of 2 60+ year old parents (yes! My parents live with me....I feel better with them here, I know they are eating well and taken care of)  and our lovely economy doesn't leave much (or any at all) money for me to buy new things, but since I hit my 50lb mark today, I bought 1 pair of new scrub pants....they were only 9 bucks and I needed this color to match a couple tops I have.  So maybe, MAYBE, if I can find a good deal like this every payday Ill start building a new work wardrobe...but not too much since I have 59lbs more to go....

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