Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Big Step = Big FAIL!

If you are my friend on facebook, you most definitely know that I had a fight with our front door Monday night.  The turning mechanism jammed and we couldn't get the door open.  I inevitably had to take the door of the hinges, but that was a feat in itself.  I had to use my mad football skillz to bump the door off the hinges and when I went to bump the bottom part of the door off it's hinge, I slammed my face into the door jam! Oh what fun it has been to try and cover a lovely black and blue bruise just under my left eye.  Well once the door was finally off the hinges I was able to get the door knob off the door and rehinge the door.  Tuesday after work I headed over to the Lawrenceville Home Depot to find a new front door knob - I even did research online so I wouldn't look like and sound like an idiot at the "man's store".  Well, as a woman, I must say that that store is the MOST unorganized place in the world.  You'd think that the door knobs would be with the doors, nope!  So after getting slightly irritated...we finally run into an orange apron'd worker.  I immediately belt out "DOOR KNOB!" After his startledness wore off, he lead us to the promised land of knobs - where I took the big step and flirted and enjoyed every minute of it, as I believe he did too.  He wasn't my "usual" flirt type, but I am trying new things and wanting to step out of my box.   After finding what I needed (YAY for new door knobs) we (Shannon - we ride together to work) headed out the door - but Shannon decided he needed my number because we "flirted well" together, so she headed back in to give him my number and I didn't stop her.  She came back to the car with a huge smile on her face and told me that she asked him if he had a girlfriend and he said no so she gave him my number.  Before we even made it to Winder I had gotten a text from him.  YAY.  We texted for a couple hours and he said that he would contact me the next day or Thursday (because he is in school and would be in class most of the day).  Well, me being me, I got anxious when I got home to learn more about this person, so I did want any girl in her right mind would do....try and find him on facebook.  Well I found him....and his marital status of MARRIED! FUUUUUUUUUDGE! Boy can I pick em!

Friday, November 25, 2011

One Year!

One year ago, one huge asshole changed my view on myself and my life.  I don't thank him, I don't praise him...I celebrate that he is gone (though he still loves to call in the middle of the night every 2-3 months)

Since this day in 2010 I have grown out my hair, made a list of my FDH, lost 64 lbs, fell in love with my child over and over again and realized I am not the person that he tried to convince me I am....YAY for falling out of fake love and realizing my worth!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

and we partied...

So since I have a birthday coming up (#32 - which is weird that Im not freaking out about this number like I did 30 and 31) I decided I wanted to celebrate...Celebrating my birthday and celebrating that I hit my 60lb mark today :) YAY me!  I really wanted to celebrate...with PIZZA! I haven't had pizza ( a real pizza) in so long!  Winder has a pizza place (Dooley's) that a few people have told me about and I decided (though I hadn't been there yet) that is where I wanted to go! So I invited a couple handfuls of people and ate a WHOLE calzone...totally yum!  I was too busy talking to the intermixed group of people that I didn't get many pictures, but a fun time was had! Thanks to all that were able to come...and to those who didn't, you missed out on some yumminess!

 Say hey to Sara! I went to Elementary School (McKendree) and Middle School (Lawrenceville Middle) with her!  We haven't seen each other since we went to different High Schools, so tonight was our 15+ year reunion! So fun to catch up and hang out with her!

The Howell Girls - Taylor and Courtney (23), Ginger (30) and Me (32) - we have some cute genes! Glad they all made it out (including their mom, my aunt Kim!)
My Maternal Gynerations reunion - Julie and Tiffany used to work with Marion (Momma Shields) and I! I actually took over for Tiffany when she left the office! 

I just had to admire our really cute genes again! Grandma would be so proud of us! 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

1 week to go

till the mid point of this adventure.  I have until October 24th to get 2 more pounds off of me to make it a total of 60lbs lost!  Of course, it didn't help the Skyler won a very YUMMY chocolate chip cake from the cake walk today...I guess Im gonna have to DOUBLE up the Zumba this week!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Debbie Downer Moment ALERT!

I seem to get stuck in these very pensive attitudes lately.  They seem to be happening more often than not, too.  Mostly occurring on Friday nights when I am at home, messing around on FB watching most of my "friends" add status updates about being out and enjoying the night....and then I start thinking (which is detrimental to me).

My Friday nights tend to consist of me at home, sitting in front of the TV doing....NOTHING. Sad thing is that my Saturday's are starting to get this way too.  I think I have finally hit the loner persona OR I've just realized that I have been this way for a while...either way, I feel lame.

Most of my friends are married or coupled up and tend to spend their time with other married or coupled up folks.   I know I told myself that during this journey of weight loss, I wanted to do it on my own and for myself, by myself, but I'm getting lonely.

My phone rarely rings and if it does it is usually a wrong number or Skyler calling to ask if he can go to a friend's house after school.  Text messages, lately, have been more about work than personal.

Then I start to wonder....what's wrong with me that no one wants to hang out or call and chat....It's a sucky, sad, piss-poor way of thinking and feeling, but I can only put on a happy face for so long before I come to the conclusion that maybe I'm just not the person that people want to be around...

...I need to fix this, but unsure how.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

And so it begins....

Skyler has a crush...

He started asking questions tonight while we were watching the football game.  He is curious to how he should talk and treat girls!   I gave him the low down in my opinion how us girls like to be treated.  I made sure I emphasized that we do not like to be picked on and we love compliments, sweet compliments!  He was so cute in the whole conversation and told me that he gets shaky when he tries to talk to her.

It is a GREAT thing that I have a connection at the school and promptly texted Aunt Nak (Skyler's godmother) to get the low down on this girl that has my baby's attention! And just as I have raised him, he has chosen a good, smart and sweet girl.  Her name is Anna and has medium brown hair like his and green eyes, just like him, too! She is a gymnast and a Math Master. OH! And she is taller than he is - which I find funny since he is taller than all the boys in his class - then I had to remember that I was taller than most boys until I got to middle school.

I so, totally, stalked her mom's FB page and caught a glimpse of her.  I must say, I have taught my boy well!

Monday, September 12, 2011

No X's.....

So what?!? I had a cry fest in Wal-mart... It was the Winder Walmart, so it wasn't too bad...but it was for a lovely reason.

I have been so against buying new clothes.  Mainly because I don't want to waste a lot of money (cause I don't have much to begin with!) right now, so that I can spend more when I am the finished product.

Well, clothes (especially scrubs) are getting extra baggy these days and there are days when I get "the look" making me feel like I don't look professional with such bagginess going on.  So, I've instated the will buy one new scrub every pay day.  This isn't such a bad thing because you can usually find a good deal on them some places - even places you wouldn't expect.  Today was the day to buy a new scrub.

I ended up at Walmart and not because I needed a scrub, but since they have them their I thought I would just look and see what they had available.  Last pay day I bought a pair of grey scrub pants and I wanted a top to match.  Apparently this is the season for grey, cause they had three tops that my pants would match.  I found one I REALLY enjoyed (even though it was $16, ugh I hate paying that for a scrub top).  While looking for my size I noticed they only had an XS (HA!), L and 2XL...POOP! I knew I couldn't fit in the XS and the 2XL would be too big (cause that is the size that I started out in 5-6 months ago), I kinda got a little discouraged because I really dug this top.  Well I took the L into the dressing room ready to be all discouraged....slipped it over my head, pulled it down over my shoulders, got down to my hips and it fit over them! IT SERIOUSLY FIT OVER MY HIPS!!! Yes, there may be a little snuggishness, but it fits.  I turned around and I looked in the dressing room mirror....and completely lost it.  Ugly crying, snotty sniffling...whole body crying.  I think I scared the poor lady that stands outside the dressing rooms, because after about a minute of hearing me she said "Honey, are you ok??!" and in my blubbering I was able to tell her that I was ok and after I composed myself and came out of the dressing room I explained myself....and I got a high five! I left Walmart with a huge smile on my face and got in my car and yelled....THERE ARE NO X's ON MY TAG! Thank you Momma for always teaching me to wear waterproof make up!


As some of you know I have been hand-making custom wooden pendants.  I have started a blog so that you can see new creations and make orders! The holidays are coming up soon and I have a lot of orders coming in, so keep me in mind if you have someone who you think would enjoy one (or more!)

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Guess who bought a shirt in the regular part of the store this morning! Plus it's a little big :) It's the small things that can make a girl happy....

Monday, September 5, 2011

FDH - Future Dream Husband

I have a running list of characteristics that I would enjoy for FDH to employ...I add and subtract and modify this list on occasion....but here is the gist.  I will add more when the list gets updated again.

Tall and Stout. FDH will have to be bigger than me OR make me feel smaller.  I am NOT short.  I am also not the smallest person.  My size may be whittling down, but I still want FDH to be stout, have some meat on him.  I in no way want to feel like I am going to be punctured by some guy’s bony-ness.  Daddy likes to call what stature I like in a guy “Built like a brick shit-house”

Chivalry Ain’t Dead. FDH has to put my coat on for me.  I realize that I’m perfectly capable of putting my own coat on and I have no problem doing so, but it’s just so sweet when a guy helps you.  There are a ton of chivalrous things that I hope my man does but the coat assistance stands out to me.  We always hear about the door open, but you rarely see the coat assistance.  And I love me some coats…even though I live in Georgia and it rarely gets cold enough for a coat…even in winter.  Also, lead me with his hand in the small of my back…let’s me know that I am being looked out for.

Handy Manny.  I need someone who can take care of business when the occasion calls for it.  I mean if we break down on the side of the road and all we have is a stick of gum and a bag of popcorn, he should be able to fix anything, correct?

Athletic.  I hate to even bring this one up because I know that sports aren’t everyone’s thing, but I think it might be a necessity for me.  FDH doesn’t have to be good at sports….he doesn’t even have to still play any sports…but previous participation is a big plus.  I’m partial to football, but other sports will do.  As long as I don’t have to explain to you what’s going on in the game we’ll be good.

Accents.  A Southern Accent to be exact.  You wanna feel the steeping sweet tea and honey suckle come from his mouth. 

Big Hands.  This is a strange one to most, but it has always been on my list.  I am Jennifer Howell and I am 5’10” and I have big hands.  Crazy big hands.  My hands seem to overwhelm most of my petite friends.  I rarely can find a winter glove to wear that didn’t come from the men’s department.  FDH must have big hands.  One’s that will make me feel safe and protected as he holds it.

All in the Family.  In the past I sometimes feel like I have fallen for the family more than I had the boy…maybe that should have been my clue, but a good family is a necessity, especially if I am becoming apart of it and will have to participate in it for the rest of my life!  I know that families come in many shapes and sizes and we all have our quirks, but if FDH loves each and every aspect of his family (good and bad) and they get along, I’m down!

Family Man.  FDH wants to be a family (and will be a kick-ass father). Like, wants them. Knows he wants them. Not someone who thinks he will want them "someday."

Loves to laugh. FDH laughs at my jokes. And I mean really laughs, because he thinks I am hilarious, not just to be polite because eventually politeness wears off. 

Attention to Detail. FDH will know tulips are in season starting mid-April. Tulips are my most favorite flower in the entire universe. I would rather get a bouquet of tulips from the deli every week for that short period that they're available at the end of winter and early spring than roses every week for a year (unless they are sterling roses). It's not about getting flowers from a man. It's about him being someone who remembers that they are among my most favorite things on the planet and having them around me makes me happy.

Different Smarts.  FDH is really smart, but hopefully in different areas than I am. Some of the sexiest professions are in fields that I know nothing about—architects, firemen, cabana boys—and I love the idea of meeting someone who brings new ideas into my world and vice versa. Which is not to say I wouldn't love to date someone in the medical field—I would—but hopefully he is also a rocket scientist in his spare time.

Team Player. FDH is strong enough to cook and do the laundry.  It’s not that I want FH to do these things everyday; it is that I want to know he is there and ready to pitch in ANYWHERE occasionally!

Forgiveness Counts.  FDH is not critical and can forgive.  This is a trait that I hope to reciprocate.  Criticizing is a fear related activity and does not contribute to a healthy relationship.  Forgiveness is needed in small and large amounts daily.  Without it we can become revengeful and unhealthy.  It is something we need to do for ourselves and others.

Not right all the time.  Everyone makes mistakes and people who can admit to their faults are admired.

Sense of Humor.  Humor comes in a lot of different packages.  Some are funny with little boy humor, many have a coy wit about them.  FDH will have a gentle sarcasm which at times bears a bit of truth.  I especially like it when he makes the joke’s about him and not at someone else’s expense.  Oh and has to be able to handle my gentle, competitive sarcastic humor!

Good Listening Skills.  FDH doesn’t have to agree with me, but he can always listen to me and hear what I have to say without getting upset or defensive.  He can hold me and let me cry without demanding I give a reason.  It is really nice to have someone to go to when we are overwhelmed and frightened. 

Thinks I am the best…EVER.  FDH thinks I am the best he has ever met and doesn’t have a difficult time letting others know it.

This is how I'm gonna catch him...

by showing off my baking ability!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Know It All Designs

I recently have started back in the crafting world and picked up a new craft.  I am making wooden tile pendants that can be customized to people's wants and needs for a pendant to match an outfit or even a necklace.  Find me on facebook under Know It All Designs and see if you like what you see....I'd be happy to custom make pendants for all occasions and celebrations!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Doin the Happy Dance!

...and only 15 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight! I know I said I didn't wanna brag, but I'm happy and excited! The past two weeks have been rough with the stalled weight pattern!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Duck Butt!

That's what I feel like most days when I head to work.  I got rid of a bunch of scrubs about 4 years ago, because I gave up on losing weight.  Well, problem is...I need them back because I feel like I look like this nowadays

Being a 31 year old single mother of a 9 year old growing weed and caretaker of 2 60+ year old parents (yes! My parents live with me....I feel better with them here, I know they are eating well and taken care of)  and our lovely economy doesn't leave much (or any at all) money for me to buy new things, but since I hit my 50lb mark today, I bought 1 pair of new scrub pants....they were only 9 bucks and I needed this color to match a couple tops I have.  So maybe, MAYBE, if I can find a good deal like this every payday Ill start building a new work wardrobe...but not too much since I have 59lbs more to go....

Thursday, August 18, 2011


My debit card got hacked - not sure how....person charged two plane tickets worth over $3500 and wiped out my moolah...compensating with cookies and wine...and I dont care!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I think I may have figured something out...

Something very important!

I really shouldn't brag about my weight loss! I have noticed over the lasts 5 months that when I would get sooo excited when the scale when down and I would hit my goals, the scale would actually turn itself on me and try to creep back up or just get stuck in one position for a few days.  Not a big fan of it AT ALL! It may have even cost me my 5 month goal (it was an unofficial goal, but still).  I weighed in on Monday up 2 lbs from when I had my bragging streak! HMPPH....back down to the 48lbs as of today, but BARELY! So I am gonna TRY (keyword TRY) to not get excited and brag about the numbers and just post at the bottom of my page on my LillyPad icon....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


A good interesting that is....I weighed yesterday morning (well, I actually weigh everyday at work - so that I have a constant to compare my numbers to) and it said that new decade number, which I was happy with because I had kinda gotten in a stall pattern AND I had two cupcakes at BFF and favorite Marine's wedding on Sunday....this morning it was another two pounds down :) I will not complain about that at all! Down a total of 48lbs! So maybe I will hit that 50lb mark by the 15th of August...who's gonna buy me lunch if I do?!?

Oooh, that sounds like a good competition!

Monday, August 8, 2011


..."decade" of numbers! I call each set of 10lb increments "decades".  I am now into new decade! YAY! It felt like I was in that last decade for a WHILE.  Maybe not fretting so much and just enjoying my time off helped.

I have SUCKED lately with exercise.  It is so stinking hot and when I get good and sweaty I tend to get a really bad headache. Not exercising like I should could be another culprit for not dropping like I should, but I am happy with were I am.

I'm down a total of 46lbs in almost 5 months (the 15th is start of the 6th month) and everyone seems to be noticing....I notice the change in how my clothes fit, but not necessarily in how I look, the best compliment was from Billy (Bildy). BFF, Crusty, and her husband, Bildy (my favorite Marine), were in town this past week (they are stationed at  Twentynine Palms, CA).  They surprised me at the office last money with a visit from them and their 6 week old son, Liam!  Plus they got to show off to everyone at work (Crusty used to work with me and everyone loved her!). While in town for their post deployment leave, Crusty and Bildy, joined Dr Hearin (boss man) and I at Trivia.  We used to go to trivia every Friday night before Crusty and Bildy moved to Memphis a little over 3 (or could it actually be 4?) years ago. Secret Cervix was reunited! Even better we finished in 3rd place!  But Bildy's reaction to my weight loss was fab, he made me feel good!  While waiting for trivia to start he said..."You are looking most fabulous and I'm totally proud of your awesomeness!" That was then concluded with the loudest, best high-five that actually brought tears to my eyes!  I love that I have the support and encouragement from such wonderful people, including all of you that are following and reading along in my journey! Thank you from the bottom of my shrinking body's heart!!

Happy First Day of 4th Grade!!

Skyler and Momma waiting on the bus.

Bus showed up at 6:32a

Hope all my friends in education and all the moms, dads and school-aged kids enjoyed their first day back! Skyler was quite excited.  He was dressed and ready to go by 6:09a, after only getting up at 5:58a! I got my "Im home" phone call about 3:15p to let me know that his day was "wonderful" and he reiterated that he thinks he will love 4th grade, because there is a lot of math! Success! Let's just hope we make it past the day 3 phone call! (Day 3 phone call happened in K, 1st and 2nd grades - thanks in part to his anxiety)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The rest of August Break!

Wednesday I didn't have anything planned...maybe head to Lawrenceville and partake in boss man's pool, maybe get the rest of school's supplies needed....or....

At about 0730 (yes, I was already awake), Aunt Nak (Kathryn) texted me.  "What do you have planned today? You wanna meet me at the school and work on bulletin boards and I will buy you lunch?"  SCORE!!  At work I sit at the Nurse's station and there are 5 cabinets up above me.  They are blue and boring, so I took the liberty, starting in February, to start decorating them with different themes each month.  Each month they get more elaborate.  I keep getting told I should have been a kindergarten teacher! Well that would be a NO, but I should start a business decorating bulletin boards for those teacher that loathe it!

Skyler and I headed up to the school to meet Aunt Nak (Kathryn is Skyler's godmother and is also the school counselor at his school!) about 0830 Wednesday morning and help decorate her two bulletin boards.  Skyler got to see his 2nd and 3rd grade teachers - he especially loved his 3rd grade teacher - and he introduced me to about 2 dozen other teachers or helpers!  He then volunteered to help out his 3rd grade teacher clean up her room and then he moved onto another teacher's room!  Skyler is a great helper (when it's not for me and their isn't a TV around to distract him!) and got great compliments from the teachers at the end of the morning.

Aunt Nak held up her end of the deal and we ended up at our favorite Mexican place in Winder...
If you've never been to El must try it! It was the first place we tried when we moved to Winder and it is still our favorite!

Aunt Nak worked us to the bone that day so we were able to sneak in a nap when we got home!

Thursday morning was another early morning.  For some reason, Barrow County loves to have their open house at the butt crack of dawn.  Seriously, I know it is because they try to accommodate working parents and give them a chance to meet the teacher and get the information and then head to work.  Open house started at 7am and it took everything I had to convince Skyler that we didn't HAVE to be there right at 7am.  He was excited! So after getting up at 0530, so that I could color my hair (I didn't wanna look like his grandmother with all the grey hair I had going on!) and getting ready we headed out and go to the school at about 0730.  I was already told in the car that I wasn't allow to search for his name on the posters, he was gonna do it himself! I then asked him, who he thought was going to be his teacher and he spat out a couple names...and I took the liberty to make sure that he wouldn't be disappointed if those weren't the teacher that he was assigned to.  Of course I get the "No Problem Mom...I'll be good with whatever!"  Ugh, he is growing up! 

We walked up to the sign...he found his name...and blurted out..."YES!! Ms. Johnson!"  I thought it was cute and didn't think much of it until we walked into his classroom....and saw Malibu Barbie!! Probably Malibu Barbie on steroids!  She had on 3+ inch heels which made her taller than me by about 3-4 inches which meant I was looking UP to her.  Long blond hair, perfect body, clothes fit perfectly....yup! No wonder he was excited to have Ms Johnson! Maybe she will be able to keep his attention and he is eager to learn from Barbie! 

***NOTE*** I really do like her! She loves to teach and you can tell.  She says she has found a way to make History/Social Studies fun, so here's to a great 4th grade year!

I haven't forgotten....

...I'm just not stepping on the scale! I've had the past week off and I chose to spend it with my very handsome son and not to worry about the scale this week.  I know I am going to have to step on the scale Monday morning (1st day of school - hope to hit 45lbs down goal).

Skyler and I spent the week doing different things.  Monday, I did have to work and a busy day that was! Tuesday morning started August Break and we started quite early that morning! Up at 6 to go watch the Falcon's practice
We got there about the same time that the gates opened (0730) and were able to get by security with a bag full of water and snacks! I was so excited at the next TWO happening that I forgot to turn on the camera and take a picture, but about 0810 the long snappers, kickers and punters come out onto the field...Skyler was able to get an autograph from Matt Bryant, our very good kicker!  Then, while a break in between drills, Joe Zelenka (the Falcons long snapper) came over and tossed the ball with him.  I was a proud Momma!  UGH! Me the camera crazy mom, didn't get a picture of either one!

At about 9, we met up with a childhood friend, Allison and her 4 year old Cannon to watch practice.  We were able to get to see a lot since we were right up on the rope at the 40 yard line. 
Nothing like watching your star quarterback get hit upside the head by one of the trainers that had chain gang duty! 

Since we had Cannon there with us, he wasn't so thrilled with hanging out in the heat until 1130, so about 1015 or so we headed out and went over to Allison's house and occupied her pool for a couple hours! Best part....we realized she is literally 7 minutes from us! Great first day of break and last week of summer vacation for little man!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Screw losing weight....

...when you can eat brownies and hang out with these fabulous people!

I have known these girls for quite sometime, so I love that I was able to head over to Sarah's parents house and surprise them at a cookout.  Nothing like hanging out, eating brownies and supporting a very strong, loving, sweet Sarah who is kicking breast cancer's butt at the age of 31.  I love matter the time or the distance between us, God brought us together as friends for a reason!

Thanks ladies (all kids and husbands and families) for a fun night!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dang it!!

Damn Costco!! When you work at a medium sized office we tend to get local vendors that come to the office and try to get us to sign up for something or be a member of something....well our yearly visit from Costco came yesterday.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE Costco! Love it to its fullest.  I have spent a lot of money at that place including TVs, refrigerators, washers and dryers and my beloved 10ft Christmas tree...but since we have moved out to Winder, we gave up our membership to try and stay away and save a little...we only go when desperate because there are too many temptations there.

Well when they come to the office they also bring samplings of stuff....well during this transformation into a healthy me, I have cut WAY back on my breads (which I believe got me into the way I am/was).  But Costco has the most fabulous croissants. OMG...buttery, soft....and YUP the sales lady brought them...grr!!
To make things worse!  There was a flat left over (12 dang yummies) and I brought it home <insert the reasoning that the family loves them here>...and I broke down and ate one with my very large and fabulous salad at dinner....UGH!!

Come to think about it, I didn't blame it on Costco last night....I blamed it on a swift kick to my heart.  Here is a funny (well I think its funny/revelating) for ya.  When growing up I always had the aspirations to be in medicine, which I am...but my ultimate goal was to be a doctor.  I wrote a paper in 5th grade about how I wanted to either be an obstetrician or work with sports teams.  Of course, life hands you different routes to be travelled and I at least work in one of those areas.  At my office, we are getting a new obstetrician/gynecologist.  She is very bright and energetic and while adding her information to our facebook fan page last night I noticed her birth year....1981....and I swear it felt like I had the wind knocked out of me.  That could have been me...AND we will have a doctor at the office that is freaking YOUNGER than me!  I felt very slackerish....because I haven't yet fulfilled my dreams of a BSN, MSN...and I'm already 31 and rapidly approaching 32.  So the croissant was to comfort me and my heart in my agonizing realization....then I body and healthy life need to comes first...then work on the other dream....and I need to remember that ONE DAY I will have it all :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Not too Shabby!

I was a little nervous to come into work today and hop on the scale.  I didn't think I had done so hot with my eating this weekend, but apparently I was wrong.  I was convinced my pancakes did me in as well as my snacking.  If it did, it didn't show on the scale.  Down another 1.5lbs over the weekend.  Not a huge number, but still a good number.  Now down a total of 42.5lbs - with 66.5lbs to go.  Inching closer to the half way mark...

Next SMALL goal - down 45lbs total by the time school starts
Next OVERALL goal - down 50lbs total by Aug 15th

Friday, July 22, 2011

YAY! for cheat nights!

Well I don't usually have cheat meals, but I felt like I really needed one tonight, or it could be just because I was craving them!  We have 10 boxes Jiffy (yes Jiffy - the company that has the cornbread mix) pancake/waffle mix.  Momma wrote an article/review for Jiffy and they sent us $200 worth of mixes.  This was a big surprise considering all of us thought they only made cornbread mix.  Well we got a double case of cornbread mix and 1 case each of apple/cinammon muffin mix, banana muffin mix, yellow cake mix, fudge frosting mix, pancake mix, pizza dough mix....and oh about 5 other cases of stuff....NOT a good package to be opening when you have cut your carb intake down to just whole wheat bread and tortillas!  So to help lower the amount of mixes, I came up with the idea of pancakes for dinner...YUMMY! Hadn't had them in a while and I enjoyed 5 silver dollar sized pancakes with lite syrup (cause sugar free syrup is too watery!) I did add in my famous eggs and some bacon left....very simple and yummy dinner....but Im about to fall asleep as I type this....

I must say once we run out of this mix we will have to find out where to get it! These are already maple flavored! So delish!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Handy Man!

I love having smart men in my life.  Like I said yesterday, I was in the middle of my treadmill "fun" and it just cut off....of course I would be the one to think the worst, so I tried to be calm and just folded it back up and went on about my day and would worry about it later.  After not really finding any solution in the manual or online I decided to wait until I got home last night to figure it out.  Welp, no need! My oh so smart (well actually hungry) child figured it out for me! Two weeks ago I decided to move things around in the living room  to get ready for more furniture to be arranged in the living room, therefore the treadmill had to find a new home in the house.  I removed the fancy dining room table, why?!? well thats because it was only being used as a paper and junk collector.  This way I have a pretty good sized area that I can put the treadmill (and coming soon is an ab glider) and Dad has his desk and computer there.  Now you can't see it when you come in the front door....Well when I moved my exercise friend to the dining room, I left the surge protector in the living room because we have a few other things plugged into it.  So, I actually blew the circuit by having the treadmill plugged into a regular outlet....and Skyler figured it out when he went to make his breakfast.  The toaster didn't work, the coffee maker didn't perk up and the microwave wouldn't warm, which made him go complain to Paw Paw who figured it out.  Ooops! Thank goodness there is a button on the outlet behind the toaster that resets the whole thing!  Guess Ill be making a trip to the store to get a new power strip for the treadmill! But uber excited that the treadmill is ok and not gonna have some costly repairs! Whew!

40 minutes on the treadmill this morning....200 calories time to get ready for work! Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Reward for Good Behavior

It has been brought to my attention that I need to have a reward for hitting my big goal of losing 109lbs.  Problem that I need ideas of what to do or buy.  So I am starting a list and I am asking friends and family to help with the ideas.  I am also thinking about doing smaller rewards for milestones, like 50, 75 and 100 be thinking and lemme know!

Here is what I have so far for small milestone rewards
  • nail polish for self mani/pedis
  • paid for mani/pedi
  • hair cut
  • a piece of jewelry from Charming Charlies
  • "I LOVE JAKE RYAN" tshirt
  • Christmas item from Hobby Lobby
  • movie night out with Skyler
Big Rewards
  • A new tattoo
  • Zip line trip in North GA
  • Cruise
  • A girls only weekend in the mountains
  • A new wardrobe

Rise and Shine

After 4 months of working out right before bed and having issues falling asleep, I took the initiative to wake up early - 5am - and get on the treadmill. 

So far, working pretty well....alarm goes off at 5:04a (I can't set my alarm on a number ending in 0 or 5 - cause Im strange like that) and I give my body 10 minutes to wake up and adjust to the early wake up.  I was able to get in close to 2 miles yesterday morning and only able to get in a mile this morning before my treadmill randomly just shut off.  Not quite sure what has happened and I'll have to check the manual when I get to work to see if I can figure it out (technology has not been my friend new digital scale that I bought last month keeps erroring and the weight on the scale keeps jumping around)...but other than that, Im actually enjoying doing it in the morning.  I had lots of energy at work yesterday and didn't want to just crawl in the bed yesterday when I finally got home at 7pm.  I did walk about a mile inside the office yesterday afternoon while I waited for one doc to finish with patients (Mondays are my late night in July).

I am now showered and have plenty of time to get ready, listen to the news and drink a cup of coffee....

I am currently trying to figure out how to put a gadget/widget on the blog to track my weight loss....I'll get it figured out somehow!!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Round is a shape!

YAY!! I finally got my blog back! After a long process that included lawyers, I have my new hobby back.  Yes, I know I could have started a new one, with a different name, but I loved the idea of this blog, I just have to tweek it...A LOT!

As of late February, I can no longer tell you my hideous love triangle/soap opera of 2010, but I can keep you updated on the new me that I started on March 14, 2011! 

If you are my friend on Facebook and actually read what I ramble about, you will know that I am on a weight loss kick.  I have struggled with my weight pretty much all of my life.  I've been made fun of, been told many hateful things, believed I would never fit in....all the whiny cliche idioms that they make Lifetime Movies about...and I would randomly diet here and there, lose weight, gain it back (plus 15) and I finally said this year was it. 

It was mainly brought about thanks to one of the doctors at my office.  As most of you know, I work at a very large OBGYN office in Lawrenceville for the past 7 years.  Dr Kim is our resident health guru.  He has recently been going to some bariatric conferences, so that he can better explain and teach his patients how important it is to eat healthy and be in a healthy lifestyle.  He offered a class to us at lunch time one day in February and from then on, our office has tried to be on a health kick.  He taught about good carbs, bad carbs, food groups and many essential (and annoying) items in our diet that we have to/need to get rid of. 

Working at our office has it's advantages -drug rep lunches- he also noticed that most of the lunches that were being brought in weren't so healthy.  He ended up talking to our reps to make sure they brought a "healthy alternative" with the meals that were being brought it.

Everyone started out gung-ho with the plan to get healthy and lose weight.  Dr Kim would have us weigh in at the beginning of the week and once a month we would get our abdominal circumference checked by one of our nurse pracitioners. 

I'm not sure I wanna divulge this starting weight and circumference from that first initial day...but in time I will be proud of how different those numbers are from where I end up. 

I tried to follow what all we were to do for our "healthy" initiative, but after two to three weeks I felt stifled and pressured to impress Dr Kim....I honestly gave up the initiative, though I did try to stick with the healthier eating. 

My weight yo-yo'd over the next couple weeks and after a trip to California to see my best friend, Christy and a very, very scary and upsetting confrontation with the drama king of 2010...I knew something needed to happen.  On the plane ride to and from California, I had to stretch the damn seat belt to its limits to get it to fasten....thank GOODNESS I didn't have to ask for an extender, then I would have been a basket case.  My rear-end fit quite snugly in the seat which made the long flight oh so enjoyable.  I kept thinking, NOT COOL and Ugh...I felt disgusted with myself and I couldn't believe how I had turned out.  Then drama king, who has a way of slicing you with his silver tongue, made quite a few remarks that cut deep down to the bone not two minutes after trying to flatter me with sweet words.  Let's just say the sweet words were ruined and the mean, nasty, hateful remarks stuck around and bled!

After two weeks of sulking and being an idiot, it clicked....I needed to do this for myself and my family! Not because I want to prove him or the plane wrong, but for me to know that that isn't me and I am worth being around for myself and my family.  I NEED to do this so that I can be around for my most wonderful and spectacular accomplishment, Skyler.  I found myself making excuses when he wanted to do stuff that required a lot of activity.  "Welp, buddy, we can't do that because you've had a bad attitude"..."Sorry, dude...Mommy has to work on some stuff for work (we don't have take home work!)...and I'd end up playing on the computer, sitting in front of the TV and wasting 2-3 hours a night.  Not cool....March 13, 2011 is the CLICK day and I vowed that starting March 14, 2011 things will change.  I will get back to a healthy weight and BMI.  Exercise is to be a staple, not just something I'd do here and there because that is what you are "supposed to do."  I remembered back in 2005 that I did the South Beach diet and lost a nice amount of weight, all of which, I gained back plus quite a few more...but I knew that it was doable and it would come off easier if I tried it again...and KNEW it would stay off if I actually exercised.

I weighed in on Monday March 14, 2011 and gasped as I weighed more than when we started our "healthy initiative" at work (that made my BMI high enough to qualify for bariatric surgery)...but it was my starting point...and after lots of prayer and encouragement from Skyler and my parents...and a handful of friends who knew I was starting again...I knew that would NOT be my ending point. 

FAST FORWARD 4 months into my new me project...and I am down 40lbs - I have lost 10lbs a month which I set for my first 5 month goals.  My overall goal is to lose 110lbs and I have set smaller goals so that I think it will be easier for me to stay focused and feel like I can meet them. 

So, in short...this revised blog will be about keeping my friends and loved ones updated on how I am doing and progressing...and I'm hoping in return to get some encouragement to get me through the tough times...and to celebrate with me during the awesome times....I.Me.Wed is still fitting...I am not worrying about love and a relationship until I would want to marry and love myself! 

Next hit 45lbs down by the time Christy, Billy...and new baby Liam make it to town the 1st week in August!  Christy is my best friend since 2003 and has been one of my biggest supporters...I wanna show her that her love and encouragement has helped me!  She saw me at my biggest weight...and I wanna show her that I will never be that way again.