Monday, August 8, 2011


..."decade" of numbers! I call each set of 10lb increments "decades".  I am now into new decade! YAY! It felt like I was in that last decade for a WHILE.  Maybe not fretting so much and just enjoying my time off helped.

I have SUCKED lately with exercise.  It is so stinking hot and when I get good and sweaty I tend to get a really bad headache. Not exercising like I should could be another culprit for not dropping like I should, but I am happy with were I am.

I'm down a total of 46lbs in almost 5 months (the 15th is start of the 6th month) and everyone seems to be noticing....I notice the change in how my clothes fit, but not necessarily in how I look, the best compliment was from Billy (Bildy). BFF, Crusty, and her husband, Bildy (my favorite Marine), were in town this past week (they are stationed at  Twentynine Palms, CA).  They surprised me at the office last money with a visit from them and their 6 week old son, Liam!  Plus they got to show off to everyone at work (Crusty used to work with me and everyone loved her!). While in town for their post deployment leave, Crusty and Bildy, joined Dr Hearin (boss man) and I at Trivia.  We used to go to trivia every Friday night before Crusty and Bildy moved to Memphis a little over 3 (or could it actually be 4?) years ago. Secret Cervix was reunited! Even better we finished in 3rd place!  But Bildy's reaction to my weight loss was fab, he made me feel good!  While waiting for trivia to start he said..."You are looking most fabulous and I'm totally proud of your awesomeness!" That was then concluded with the loudest, best high-five that actually brought tears to my eyes!  I love that I have the support and encouragement from such wonderful people, including all of you that are following and reading along in my journey! Thank you from the bottom of my shrinking body's heart!!

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