Saturday, October 22, 2011

and we partied...

So since I have a birthday coming up (#32 - which is weird that Im not freaking out about this number like I did 30 and 31) I decided I wanted to celebrate...Celebrating my birthday and celebrating that I hit my 60lb mark today :) YAY me!  I really wanted to celebrate...with PIZZA! I haven't had pizza ( a real pizza) in so long!  Winder has a pizza place (Dooley's) that a few people have told me about and I decided (though I hadn't been there yet) that is where I wanted to go! So I invited a couple handfuls of people and ate a WHOLE calzone...totally yum!  I was too busy talking to the intermixed group of people that I didn't get many pictures, but a fun time was had! Thanks to all that were able to come...and to those who didn't, you missed out on some yumminess!

 Say hey to Sara! I went to Elementary School (McKendree) and Middle School (Lawrenceville Middle) with her!  We haven't seen each other since we went to different High Schools, so tonight was our 15+ year reunion! So fun to catch up and hang out with her!

The Howell Girls - Taylor and Courtney (23), Ginger (30) and Me (32) - we have some cute genes! Glad they all made it out (including their mom, my aunt Kim!)
My Maternal Gynerations reunion - Julie and Tiffany used to work with Marion (Momma Shields) and I! I actually took over for Tiffany when she left the office! 

I just had to admire our really cute genes again! Grandma would be so proud of us! 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

1 week to go

till the mid point of this adventure.  I have until October 24th to get 2 more pounds off of me to make it a total of 60lbs lost!  Of course, it didn't help the Skyler won a very YUMMY chocolate chip cake from the cake walk today...I guess Im gonna have to DOUBLE up the Zumba this week!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Debbie Downer Moment ALERT!

I seem to get stuck in these very pensive attitudes lately.  They seem to be happening more often than not, too.  Mostly occurring on Friday nights when I am at home, messing around on FB watching most of my "friends" add status updates about being out and enjoying the night....and then I start thinking (which is detrimental to me).

My Friday nights tend to consist of me at home, sitting in front of the TV doing....NOTHING. Sad thing is that my Saturday's are starting to get this way too.  I think I have finally hit the loner persona OR I've just realized that I have been this way for a while...either way, I feel lame.

Most of my friends are married or coupled up and tend to spend their time with other married or coupled up folks.   I know I told myself that during this journey of weight loss, I wanted to do it on my own and for myself, by myself, but I'm getting lonely.

My phone rarely rings and if it does it is usually a wrong number or Skyler calling to ask if he can go to a friend's house after school.  Text messages, lately, have been more about work than personal.

Then I start to wonder....what's wrong with me that no one wants to hang out or call and chat....It's a sucky, sad, piss-poor way of thinking and feeling, but I can only put on a happy face for so long before I come to the conclusion that maybe I'm just not the person that people want to be around...

...I need to fix this, but unsure how.