Sunday, July 31, 2011

Screw losing weight....

...when you can eat brownies and hang out with these fabulous people!

I have known these girls for quite sometime, so I love that I was able to head over to Sarah's parents house and surprise them at a cookout.  Nothing like hanging out, eating brownies and supporting a very strong, loving, sweet Sarah who is kicking breast cancer's butt at the age of 31.  I love matter the time or the distance between us, God brought us together as friends for a reason!

Thanks ladies (all kids and husbands and families) for a fun night!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dang it!!

Damn Costco!! When you work at a medium sized office we tend to get local vendors that come to the office and try to get us to sign up for something or be a member of something....well our yearly visit from Costco came yesterday.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE Costco! Love it to its fullest.  I have spent a lot of money at that place including TVs, refrigerators, washers and dryers and my beloved 10ft Christmas tree...but since we have moved out to Winder, we gave up our membership to try and stay away and save a little...we only go when desperate because there are too many temptations there.

Well when they come to the office they also bring samplings of stuff....well during this transformation into a healthy me, I have cut WAY back on my breads (which I believe got me into the way I am/was).  But Costco has the most fabulous croissants. OMG...buttery, soft....and YUP the sales lady brought them...grr!!
To make things worse!  There was a flat left over (12 dang yummies) and I brought it home <insert the reasoning that the family loves them here>...and I broke down and ate one with my very large and fabulous salad at dinner....UGH!!

Come to think about it, I didn't blame it on Costco last night....I blamed it on a swift kick to my heart.  Here is a funny (well I think its funny/revelating) for ya.  When growing up I always had the aspirations to be in medicine, which I am...but my ultimate goal was to be a doctor.  I wrote a paper in 5th grade about how I wanted to either be an obstetrician or work with sports teams.  Of course, life hands you different routes to be travelled and I at least work in one of those areas.  At my office, we are getting a new obstetrician/gynecologist.  She is very bright and energetic and while adding her information to our facebook fan page last night I noticed her birth year....1981....and I swear it felt like I had the wind knocked out of me.  That could have been me...AND we will have a doctor at the office that is freaking YOUNGER than me!  I felt very slackerish....because I haven't yet fulfilled my dreams of a BSN, MSN...and I'm already 31 and rapidly approaching 32.  So the croissant was to comfort me and my heart in my agonizing realization....then I body and healthy life need to comes first...then work on the other dream....and I need to remember that ONE DAY I will have it all :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Not too Shabby!

I was a little nervous to come into work today and hop on the scale.  I didn't think I had done so hot with my eating this weekend, but apparently I was wrong.  I was convinced my pancakes did me in as well as my snacking.  If it did, it didn't show on the scale.  Down another 1.5lbs over the weekend.  Not a huge number, but still a good number.  Now down a total of 42.5lbs - with 66.5lbs to go.  Inching closer to the half way mark...

Next SMALL goal - down 45lbs total by the time school starts
Next OVERALL goal - down 50lbs total by Aug 15th

Friday, July 22, 2011

YAY! for cheat nights!

Well I don't usually have cheat meals, but I felt like I really needed one tonight, or it could be just because I was craving them!  We have 10 boxes Jiffy (yes Jiffy - the company that has the cornbread mix) pancake/waffle mix.  Momma wrote an article/review for Jiffy and they sent us $200 worth of mixes.  This was a big surprise considering all of us thought they only made cornbread mix.  Well we got a double case of cornbread mix and 1 case each of apple/cinammon muffin mix, banana muffin mix, yellow cake mix, fudge frosting mix, pancake mix, pizza dough mix....and oh about 5 other cases of stuff....NOT a good package to be opening when you have cut your carb intake down to just whole wheat bread and tortillas!  So to help lower the amount of mixes, I came up with the idea of pancakes for dinner...YUMMY! Hadn't had them in a while and I enjoyed 5 silver dollar sized pancakes with lite syrup (cause sugar free syrup is too watery!) I did add in my famous eggs and some bacon left....very simple and yummy dinner....but Im about to fall asleep as I type this....

I must say once we run out of this mix we will have to find out where to get it! These are already maple flavored! So delish!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Handy Man!

I love having smart men in my life.  Like I said yesterday, I was in the middle of my treadmill "fun" and it just cut off....of course I would be the one to think the worst, so I tried to be calm and just folded it back up and went on about my day and would worry about it later.  After not really finding any solution in the manual or online I decided to wait until I got home last night to figure it out.  Welp, no need! My oh so smart (well actually hungry) child figured it out for me! Two weeks ago I decided to move things around in the living room  to get ready for more furniture to be arranged in the living room, therefore the treadmill had to find a new home in the house.  I removed the fancy dining room table, why?!? well thats because it was only being used as a paper and junk collector.  This way I have a pretty good sized area that I can put the treadmill (and coming soon is an ab glider) and Dad has his desk and computer there.  Now you can't see it when you come in the front door....Well when I moved my exercise friend to the dining room, I left the surge protector in the living room because we have a few other things plugged into it.  So, I actually blew the circuit by having the treadmill plugged into a regular outlet....and Skyler figured it out when he went to make his breakfast.  The toaster didn't work, the coffee maker didn't perk up and the microwave wouldn't warm, which made him go complain to Paw Paw who figured it out.  Ooops! Thank goodness there is a button on the outlet behind the toaster that resets the whole thing!  Guess Ill be making a trip to the store to get a new power strip for the treadmill! But uber excited that the treadmill is ok and not gonna have some costly repairs! Whew!

40 minutes on the treadmill this morning....200 calories time to get ready for work! Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Reward for Good Behavior

It has been brought to my attention that I need to have a reward for hitting my big goal of losing 109lbs.  Problem that I need ideas of what to do or buy.  So I am starting a list and I am asking friends and family to help with the ideas.  I am also thinking about doing smaller rewards for milestones, like 50, 75 and 100 be thinking and lemme know!

Here is what I have so far for small milestone rewards
  • nail polish for self mani/pedis
  • paid for mani/pedi
  • hair cut
  • a piece of jewelry from Charming Charlies
  • "I LOVE JAKE RYAN" tshirt
  • Christmas item from Hobby Lobby
  • movie night out with Skyler
Big Rewards
  • A new tattoo
  • Zip line trip in North GA
  • Cruise
  • A girls only weekend in the mountains
  • A new wardrobe

Rise and Shine

After 4 months of working out right before bed and having issues falling asleep, I took the initiative to wake up early - 5am - and get on the treadmill. 

So far, working pretty well....alarm goes off at 5:04a (I can't set my alarm on a number ending in 0 or 5 - cause Im strange like that) and I give my body 10 minutes to wake up and adjust to the early wake up.  I was able to get in close to 2 miles yesterday morning and only able to get in a mile this morning before my treadmill randomly just shut off.  Not quite sure what has happened and I'll have to check the manual when I get to work to see if I can figure it out (technology has not been my friend new digital scale that I bought last month keeps erroring and the weight on the scale keeps jumping around)...but other than that, Im actually enjoying doing it in the morning.  I had lots of energy at work yesterday and didn't want to just crawl in the bed yesterday when I finally got home at 7pm.  I did walk about a mile inside the office yesterday afternoon while I waited for one doc to finish with patients (Mondays are my late night in July).

I am now showered and have plenty of time to get ready, listen to the news and drink a cup of coffee....

I am currently trying to figure out how to put a gadget/widget on the blog to track my weight loss....I'll get it figured out somehow!!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Round is a shape!

YAY!! I finally got my blog back! After a long process that included lawyers, I have my new hobby back.  Yes, I know I could have started a new one, with a different name, but I loved the idea of this blog, I just have to tweek it...A LOT!

As of late February, I can no longer tell you my hideous love triangle/soap opera of 2010, but I can keep you updated on the new me that I started on March 14, 2011! 

If you are my friend on Facebook and actually read what I ramble about, you will know that I am on a weight loss kick.  I have struggled with my weight pretty much all of my life.  I've been made fun of, been told many hateful things, believed I would never fit in....all the whiny cliche idioms that they make Lifetime Movies about...and I would randomly diet here and there, lose weight, gain it back (plus 15) and I finally said this year was it. 

It was mainly brought about thanks to one of the doctors at my office.  As most of you know, I work at a very large OBGYN office in Lawrenceville for the past 7 years.  Dr Kim is our resident health guru.  He has recently been going to some bariatric conferences, so that he can better explain and teach his patients how important it is to eat healthy and be in a healthy lifestyle.  He offered a class to us at lunch time one day in February and from then on, our office has tried to be on a health kick.  He taught about good carbs, bad carbs, food groups and many essential (and annoying) items in our diet that we have to/need to get rid of. 

Working at our office has it's advantages -drug rep lunches- he also noticed that most of the lunches that were being brought in weren't so healthy.  He ended up talking to our reps to make sure they brought a "healthy alternative" with the meals that were being brought it.

Everyone started out gung-ho with the plan to get healthy and lose weight.  Dr Kim would have us weigh in at the beginning of the week and once a month we would get our abdominal circumference checked by one of our nurse pracitioners. 

I'm not sure I wanna divulge this starting weight and circumference from that first initial day...but in time I will be proud of how different those numbers are from where I end up. 

I tried to follow what all we were to do for our "healthy" initiative, but after two to three weeks I felt stifled and pressured to impress Dr Kim....I honestly gave up the initiative, though I did try to stick with the healthier eating. 

My weight yo-yo'd over the next couple weeks and after a trip to California to see my best friend, Christy and a very, very scary and upsetting confrontation with the drama king of 2010...I knew something needed to happen.  On the plane ride to and from California, I had to stretch the damn seat belt to its limits to get it to fasten....thank GOODNESS I didn't have to ask for an extender, then I would have been a basket case.  My rear-end fit quite snugly in the seat which made the long flight oh so enjoyable.  I kept thinking, NOT COOL and Ugh...I felt disgusted with myself and I couldn't believe how I had turned out.  Then drama king, who has a way of slicing you with his silver tongue, made quite a few remarks that cut deep down to the bone not two minutes after trying to flatter me with sweet words.  Let's just say the sweet words were ruined and the mean, nasty, hateful remarks stuck around and bled!

After two weeks of sulking and being an idiot, it clicked....I needed to do this for myself and my family! Not because I want to prove him or the plane wrong, but for me to know that that isn't me and I am worth being around for myself and my family.  I NEED to do this so that I can be around for my most wonderful and spectacular accomplishment, Skyler.  I found myself making excuses when he wanted to do stuff that required a lot of activity.  "Welp, buddy, we can't do that because you've had a bad attitude"..."Sorry, dude...Mommy has to work on some stuff for work (we don't have take home work!)...and I'd end up playing on the computer, sitting in front of the TV and wasting 2-3 hours a night.  Not cool....March 13, 2011 is the CLICK day and I vowed that starting March 14, 2011 things will change.  I will get back to a healthy weight and BMI.  Exercise is to be a staple, not just something I'd do here and there because that is what you are "supposed to do."  I remembered back in 2005 that I did the South Beach diet and lost a nice amount of weight, all of which, I gained back plus quite a few more...but I knew that it was doable and it would come off easier if I tried it again...and KNEW it would stay off if I actually exercised.

I weighed in on Monday March 14, 2011 and gasped as I weighed more than when we started our "healthy initiative" at work (that made my BMI high enough to qualify for bariatric surgery)...but it was my starting point...and after lots of prayer and encouragement from Skyler and my parents...and a handful of friends who knew I was starting again...I knew that would NOT be my ending point. 

FAST FORWARD 4 months into my new me project...and I am down 40lbs - I have lost 10lbs a month which I set for my first 5 month goals.  My overall goal is to lose 110lbs and I have set smaller goals so that I think it will be easier for me to stay focused and feel like I can meet them. 

So, in short...this revised blog will be about keeping my friends and loved ones updated on how I am doing and progressing...and I'm hoping in return to get some encouragement to get me through the tough times...and to celebrate with me during the awesome times....I.Me.Wed is still fitting...I am not worrying about love and a relationship until I would want to marry and love myself! 

Next hit 45lbs down by the time Christy, Billy...and new baby Liam make it to town the 1st week in August!  Christy is my best friend since 2003 and has been one of my biggest supporters...I wanna show her that her love and encouragement has helped me!  She saw me at my biggest weight...and I wanna show her that I will never be that way again.