Friday, July 22, 2011

YAY! for cheat nights!

Well I don't usually have cheat meals, but I felt like I really needed one tonight, or it could be just because I was craving them!  We have 10 boxes Jiffy (yes Jiffy - the company that has the cornbread mix) pancake/waffle mix.  Momma wrote an article/review for Jiffy and they sent us $200 worth of mixes.  This was a big surprise considering all of us thought they only made cornbread mix.  Well we got a double case of cornbread mix and 1 case each of apple/cinammon muffin mix, banana muffin mix, yellow cake mix, fudge frosting mix, pancake mix, pizza dough mix....and oh about 5 other cases of stuff....NOT a good package to be opening when you have cut your carb intake down to just whole wheat bread and tortillas!  So to help lower the amount of mixes, I came up with the idea of pancakes for dinner...YUMMY! Hadn't had them in a while and I enjoyed 5 silver dollar sized pancakes with lite syrup (cause sugar free syrup is too watery!) I did add in my famous eggs and some bacon left....very simple and yummy dinner....but Im about to fall asleep as I type this....

I must say once we run out of this mix we will have to find out where to get it! These are already maple flavored! So delish!

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