Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Handy Man!

I love having smart men in my life.  Like I said yesterday, I was in the middle of my treadmill "fun" and it just cut off....of course I would be the one to think the worst, so I tried to be calm and just folded it back up and went on about my day and would worry about it later.  After not really finding any solution in the manual or online I decided to wait until I got home last night to figure it out.  Welp, no need! My oh so smart (well actually hungry) child figured it out for me! Two weeks ago I decided to move things around in the living room  to get ready for more furniture to be arranged in the living room, therefore the treadmill had to find a new home in the house.  I removed the fancy dining room table, why?!? well thats because it was only being used as a paper and junk collector.  This way I have a pretty good sized area that I can put the treadmill (and coming soon is an ab glider) and Dad has his desk and computer there.  Now you can't see it when you come in the front door....Well when I moved my exercise friend to the dining room, I left the surge protector in the living room because we have a few other things plugged into it.  So, I actually blew the circuit by having the treadmill plugged into a regular outlet....and Skyler figured it out when he went to make his breakfast.  The toaster didn't work, the coffee maker didn't perk up and the microwave wouldn't warm, which made him go complain to Paw Paw who figured it out.  Ooops! Thank goodness there is a button on the outlet behind the toaster that resets the whole thing!  Guess Ill be making a trip to the store to get a new power strip for the treadmill! But uber excited that the treadmill is ok and not gonna have some costly repairs! Whew!

40 minutes on the treadmill this morning....200 calories time to get ready for work! Happy Wednesday!!

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