Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Know It All Designs

I recently have started back in the crafting world and picked up a new craft.  I am making wooden tile pendants that can be customized to people's wants and needs for a pendant to match an outfit or even a necklace.  Find me on facebook under Know It All Designs and see if you like what you see....I'd be happy to custom make pendants for all occasions and celebrations!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Doin the Happy Dance!

...and only 15 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight! I know I said I didn't wanna brag, but I'm happy and excited! The past two weeks have been rough with the stalled weight pattern!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Duck Butt!

That's what I feel like most days when I head to work.  I got rid of a bunch of scrubs about 4 years ago, because I gave up on losing weight.  Well, problem is...I need them back because I feel like I look like this nowadays

Being a 31 year old single mother of a 9 year old growing weed and caretaker of 2 60+ year old parents (yes! My parents live with me....I feel better with them here, I know they are eating well and taken care of)  and our lovely economy doesn't leave much (or any at all) money for me to buy new things, but since I hit my 50lb mark today, I bought 1 pair of new scrub pants....they were only 9 bucks and I needed this color to match a couple tops I have.  So maybe, MAYBE, if I can find a good deal like this every payday Ill start building a new work wardrobe...but not too much since I have 59lbs more to go....

Thursday, August 18, 2011


My debit card got hacked - not sure how....person charged two plane tickets worth over $3500 and wiped out my moolah...compensating with cookies and wine...and I dont care!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I think I may have figured something out...

Something very important!

I really shouldn't brag about my weight loss! I have noticed over the lasts 5 months that when I would get sooo excited when the scale when down and I would hit my goals, the scale would actually turn itself on me and try to creep back up or just get stuck in one position for a few days.  Not a big fan of it AT ALL! It may have even cost me my 5 month goal (it was an unofficial goal, but still).  I weighed in on Monday up 2 lbs from when I had my bragging streak! HMPPH....back down to the 48lbs as of today, but BARELY! So I am gonna TRY (keyword TRY) to not get excited and brag about the numbers and just post at the bottom of my page on my LillyPad icon....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


A good interesting that is....I weighed yesterday morning (well, I actually weigh everyday at work - so that I have a constant to compare my numbers to) and it said that new decade number, which I was happy with because I had kinda gotten in a stall pattern AND I had two cupcakes at BFF and favorite Marine's wedding on Sunday....this morning it was another two pounds down :) I will not complain about that at all! Down a total of 48lbs! So maybe I will hit that 50lb mark by the 15th of August...who's gonna buy me lunch if I do?!?

Oooh, that sounds like a good competition!

Monday, August 8, 2011


..."decade" of numbers! I call each set of 10lb increments "decades".  I am now into new decade! YAY! It felt like I was in that last decade for a WHILE.  Maybe not fretting so much and just enjoying my time off helped.

I have SUCKED lately with exercise.  It is so stinking hot and when I get good and sweaty I tend to get a really bad headache. Not exercising like I should could be another culprit for not dropping like I should, but I am happy with were I am.

I'm down a total of 46lbs in almost 5 months (the 15th is start of the 6th month) and everyone seems to be noticing....I notice the change in how my clothes fit, but not necessarily in how I look, the best compliment was from Billy (Bildy). BFF, Crusty, and her husband, Bildy (my favorite Marine), were in town this past week (they are stationed at  Twentynine Palms, CA).  They surprised me at the office last money with a visit from them and their 6 week old son, Liam!  Plus they got to show off to everyone at work (Crusty used to work with me and everyone loved her!). While in town for their post deployment leave, Crusty and Bildy, joined Dr Hearin (boss man) and I at Trivia.  We used to go to trivia every Friday night before Crusty and Bildy moved to Memphis a little over 3 (or could it actually be 4?) years ago. Secret Cervix was reunited! Even better we finished in 3rd place!  But Bildy's reaction to my weight loss was fab, he made me feel good!  While waiting for trivia to start he said..."You are looking most fabulous and I'm totally proud of your awesomeness!" That was then concluded with the loudest, best high-five that actually brought tears to my eyes!  I love that I have the support and encouragement from such wonderful people, including all of you that are following and reading along in my journey! Thank you from the bottom of my shrinking body's heart!!

Happy First Day of 4th Grade!!

Skyler and Momma waiting on the bus.

Bus showed up at 6:32a

Hope all my friends in education and all the moms, dads and school-aged kids enjoyed their first day back! Skyler was quite excited.  He was dressed and ready to go by 6:09a, after only getting up at 5:58a! I got my "Im home" phone call about 3:15p to let me know that his day was "wonderful" and he reiterated that he thinks he will love 4th grade, because there is a lot of math! Success! Let's just hope we make it past the day 3 phone call! (Day 3 phone call happened in K, 1st and 2nd grades - thanks in part to his anxiety)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The rest of August Break!

Wednesday I didn't have anything planned...maybe head to Lawrenceville and partake in boss man's pool, maybe get the rest of school's supplies needed....or....

At about 0730 (yes, I was already awake), Aunt Nak (Kathryn) texted me.  "What do you have planned today? You wanna meet me at the school and work on bulletin boards and I will buy you lunch?"  SCORE!!  At work I sit at the Nurse's station and there are 5 cabinets up above me.  They are blue and boring, so I took the liberty, starting in February, to start decorating them with different themes each month.  Each month they get more elaborate.  I keep getting told I should have been a kindergarten teacher! Well that would be a NO, but I should start a business decorating bulletin boards for those teacher that loathe it!

Skyler and I headed up to the school to meet Aunt Nak (Kathryn is Skyler's godmother and is also the school counselor at his school!) about 0830 Wednesday morning and help decorate her two bulletin boards.  Skyler got to see his 2nd and 3rd grade teachers - he especially loved his 3rd grade teacher - and he introduced me to about 2 dozen other teachers or helpers!  He then volunteered to help out his 3rd grade teacher clean up her room and then he moved onto another teacher's room!  Skyler is a great helper (when it's not for me and their isn't a TV around to distract him!) and got great compliments from the teachers at the end of the morning.

Aunt Nak held up her end of the deal and we ended up at our favorite Mexican place in Winder...
If you've never been to El must try it! It was the first place we tried when we moved to Winder and it is still our favorite!

Aunt Nak worked us to the bone that day so we were able to sneak in a nap when we got home!

Thursday morning was another early morning.  For some reason, Barrow County loves to have their open house at the butt crack of dawn.  Seriously, I know it is because they try to accommodate working parents and give them a chance to meet the teacher and get the information and then head to work.  Open house started at 7am and it took everything I had to convince Skyler that we didn't HAVE to be there right at 7am.  He was excited! So after getting up at 0530, so that I could color my hair (I didn't wanna look like his grandmother with all the grey hair I had going on!) and getting ready we headed out and go to the school at about 0730.  I was already told in the car that I wasn't allow to search for his name on the posters, he was gonna do it himself! I then asked him, who he thought was going to be his teacher and he spat out a couple names...and I took the liberty to make sure that he wouldn't be disappointed if those weren't the teacher that he was assigned to.  Of course I get the "No Problem Mom...I'll be good with whatever!"  Ugh, he is growing up! 

We walked up to the sign...he found his name...and blurted out..."YES!! Ms. Johnson!"  I thought it was cute and didn't think much of it until we walked into his classroom....and saw Malibu Barbie!! Probably Malibu Barbie on steroids!  She had on 3+ inch heels which made her taller than me by about 3-4 inches which meant I was looking UP to her.  Long blond hair, perfect body, clothes fit perfectly....yup! No wonder he was excited to have Ms Johnson! Maybe she will be able to keep his attention and he is eager to learn from Barbie! 

***NOTE*** I really do like her! She loves to teach and you can tell.  She says she has found a way to make History/Social Studies fun, so here's to a great 4th grade year!

I haven't forgotten....

...I'm just not stepping on the scale! I've had the past week off and I chose to spend it with my very handsome son and not to worry about the scale this week.  I know I am going to have to step on the scale Monday morning (1st day of school - hope to hit 45lbs down goal).

Skyler and I spent the week doing different things.  Monday, I did have to work and a busy day that was! Tuesday morning started August Break and we started quite early that morning! Up at 6 to go watch the Falcon's practice
We got there about the same time that the gates opened (0730) and were able to get by security with a bag full of water and snacks! I was so excited at the next TWO happening that I forgot to turn on the camera and take a picture, but about 0810 the long snappers, kickers and punters come out onto the field...Skyler was able to get an autograph from Matt Bryant, our very good kicker!  Then, while a break in between drills, Joe Zelenka (the Falcons long snapper) came over and tossed the ball with him.  I was a proud Momma!  UGH! Me the camera crazy mom, didn't get a picture of either one!

At about 9, we met up with a childhood friend, Allison and her 4 year old Cannon to watch practice.  We were able to get to see a lot since we were right up on the rope at the 40 yard line. 
Nothing like watching your star quarterback get hit upside the head by one of the trainers that had chain gang duty! 

Since we had Cannon there with us, he wasn't so thrilled with hanging out in the heat until 1130, so about 1015 or so we headed out and went over to Allison's house and occupied her pool for a couple hours! Best part....we realized she is literally 7 minutes from us! Great first day of break and last week of summer vacation for little man!