Saturday, August 6, 2011

The rest of August Break!

Wednesday I didn't have anything planned...maybe head to Lawrenceville and partake in boss man's pool, maybe get the rest of school's supplies needed....or....

At about 0730 (yes, I was already awake), Aunt Nak (Kathryn) texted me.  "What do you have planned today? You wanna meet me at the school and work on bulletin boards and I will buy you lunch?"  SCORE!!  At work I sit at the Nurse's station and there are 5 cabinets up above me.  They are blue and boring, so I took the liberty, starting in February, to start decorating them with different themes each month.  Each month they get more elaborate.  I keep getting told I should have been a kindergarten teacher! Well that would be a NO, but I should start a business decorating bulletin boards for those teacher that loathe it!

Skyler and I headed up to the school to meet Aunt Nak (Kathryn is Skyler's godmother and is also the school counselor at his school!) about 0830 Wednesday morning and help decorate her two bulletin boards.  Skyler got to see his 2nd and 3rd grade teachers - he especially loved his 3rd grade teacher - and he introduced me to about 2 dozen other teachers or helpers!  He then volunteered to help out his 3rd grade teacher clean up her room and then he moved onto another teacher's room!  Skyler is a great helper (when it's not for me and their isn't a TV around to distract him!) and got great compliments from the teachers at the end of the morning.

Aunt Nak held up her end of the deal and we ended up at our favorite Mexican place in Winder...
If you've never been to El must try it! It was the first place we tried when we moved to Winder and it is still our favorite!

Aunt Nak worked us to the bone that day so we were able to sneak in a nap when we got home!

Thursday morning was another early morning.  For some reason, Barrow County loves to have their open house at the butt crack of dawn.  Seriously, I know it is because they try to accommodate working parents and give them a chance to meet the teacher and get the information and then head to work.  Open house started at 7am and it took everything I had to convince Skyler that we didn't HAVE to be there right at 7am.  He was excited! So after getting up at 0530, so that I could color my hair (I didn't wanna look like his grandmother with all the grey hair I had going on!) and getting ready we headed out and go to the school at about 0730.  I was already told in the car that I wasn't allow to search for his name on the posters, he was gonna do it himself! I then asked him, who he thought was going to be his teacher and he spat out a couple names...and I took the liberty to make sure that he wouldn't be disappointed if those weren't the teacher that he was assigned to.  Of course I get the "No Problem Mom...I'll be good with whatever!"  Ugh, he is growing up! 

We walked up to the sign...he found his name...and blurted out..."YES!! Ms. Johnson!"  I thought it was cute and didn't think much of it until we walked into his classroom....and saw Malibu Barbie!! Probably Malibu Barbie on steroids!  She had on 3+ inch heels which made her taller than me by about 3-4 inches which meant I was looking UP to her.  Long blond hair, perfect body, clothes fit perfectly....yup! No wonder he was excited to have Ms Johnson! Maybe she will be able to keep his attention and he is eager to learn from Barbie! 

***NOTE*** I really do like her! She loves to teach and you can tell.  She says she has found a way to make History/Social Studies fun, so here's to a great 4th grade year!

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