Saturday, August 6, 2011

I haven't forgotten....

...I'm just not stepping on the scale! I've had the past week off and I chose to spend it with my very handsome son and not to worry about the scale this week.  I know I am going to have to step on the scale Monday morning (1st day of school - hope to hit 45lbs down goal).

Skyler and I spent the week doing different things.  Monday, I did have to work and a busy day that was! Tuesday morning started August Break and we started quite early that morning! Up at 6 to go watch the Falcon's practice
We got there about the same time that the gates opened (0730) and were able to get by security with a bag full of water and snacks! I was so excited at the next TWO happening that I forgot to turn on the camera and take a picture, but about 0810 the long snappers, kickers and punters come out onto the field...Skyler was able to get an autograph from Matt Bryant, our very good kicker!  Then, while a break in between drills, Joe Zelenka (the Falcons long snapper) came over and tossed the ball with him.  I was a proud Momma!  UGH! Me the camera crazy mom, didn't get a picture of either one!

At about 9, we met up with a childhood friend, Allison and her 4 year old Cannon to watch practice.  We were able to get to see a lot since we were right up on the rope at the 40 yard line. 
Nothing like watching your star quarterback get hit upside the head by one of the trainers that had chain gang duty! 

Since we had Cannon there with us, he wasn't so thrilled with hanging out in the heat until 1130, so about 1015 or so we headed out and went over to Allison's house and occupied her pool for a couple hours! Best part....we realized she is literally 7 minutes from us! Great first day of break and last week of summer vacation for little man!

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