Saturday, October 22, 2011

and we partied...

So since I have a birthday coming up (#32 - which is weird that Im not freaking out about this number like I did 30 and 31) I decided I wanted to celebrate...Celebrating my birthday and celebrating that I hit my 60lb mark today :) YAY me!  I really wanted to celebrate...with PIZZA! I haven't had pizza ( a real pizza) in so long!  Winder has a pizza place (Dooley's) that a few people have told me about and I decided (though I hadn't been there yet) that is where I wanted to go! So I invited a couple handfuls of people and ate a WHOLE calzone...totally yum!  I was too busy talking to the intermixed group of people that I didn't get many pictures, but a fun time was had! Thanks to all that were able to come...and to those who didn't, you missed out on some yumminess!

 Say hey to Sara! I went to Elementary School (McKendree) and Middle School (Lawrenceville Middle) with her!  We haven't seen each other since we went to different High Schools, so tonight was our 15+ year reunion! So fun to catch up and hang out with her!

The Howell Girls - Taylor and Courtney (23), Ginger (30) and Me (32) - we have some cute genes! Glad they all made it out (including their mom, my aunt Kim!)
My Maternal Gynerations reunion - Julie and Tiffany used to work with Marion (Momma Shields) and I! I actually took over for Tiffany when she left the office! 

I just had to admire our really cute genes again! Grandma would be so proud of us! 

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