Monday, September 12, 2011

No X's.....

So what?!? I had a cry fest in Wal-mart... It was the Winder Walmart, so it wasn't too bad...but it was for a lovely reason.

I have been so against buying new clothes.  Mainly because I don't want to waste a lot of money (cause I don't have much to begin with!) right now, so that I can spend more when I am the finished product.

Well, clothes (especially scrubs) are getting extra baggy these days and there are days when I get "the look" making me feel like I don't look professional with such bagginess going on.  So, I've instated the will buy one new scrub every pay day.  This isn't such a bad thing because you can usually find a good deal on them some places - even places you wouldn't expect.  Today was the day to buy a new scrub.

I ended up at Walmart and not because I needed a scrub, but since they have them their I thought I would just look and see what they had available.  Last pay day I bought a pair of grey scrub pants and I wanted a top to match.  Apparently this is the season for grey, cause they had three tops that my pants would match.  I found one I REALLY enjoyed (even though it was $16, ugh I hate paying that for a scrub top).  While looking for my size I noticed they only had an XS (HA!), L and 2XL...POOP! I knew I couldn't fit in the XS and the 2XL would be too big (cause that is the size that I started out in 5-6 months ago), I kinda got a little discouraged because I really dug this top.  Well I took the L into the dressing room ready to be all discouraged....slipped it over my head, pulled it down over my shoulders, got down to my hips and it fit over them! IT SERIOUSLY FIT OVER MY HIPS!!! Yes, there may be a little snuggishness, but it fits.  I turned around and I looked in the dressing room mirror....and completely lost it.  Ugly crying, snotty sniffling...whole body crying.  I think I scared the poor lady that stands outside the dressing rooms, because after about a minute of hearing me she said "Honey, are you ok??!" and in my blubbering I was able to tell her that I was ok and after I composed myself and came out of the dressing room I explained myself....and I got a high five! I left Walmart with a huge smile on my face and got in my car and yelled....THERE ARE NO X's ON MY TAG! Thank you Momma for always teaching me to wear waterproof make up!


  1. You look amazing!!! I'm sooo proud of you!!!!

  2. you're so cute! way to go! I love the scrub top! :)