Thursday, September 15, 2011

And so it begins....

Skyler has a crush...

He started asking questions tonight while we were watching the football game.  He is curious to how he should talk and treat girls!   I gave him the low down in my opinion how us girls like to be treated.  I made sure I emphasized that we do not like to be picked on and we love compliments, sweet compliments!  He was so cute in the whole conversation and told me that he gets shaky when he tries to talk to her.

It is a GREAT thing that I have a connection at the school and promptly texted Aunt Nak (Skyler's godmother) to get the low down on this girl that has my baby's attention! And just as I have raised him, he has chosen a good, smart and sweet girl.  Her name is Anna and has medium brown hair like his and green eyes, just like him, too! She is a gymnast and a Math Master. OH! And she is taller than he is - which I find funny since he is taller than all the boys in his class - then I had to remember that I was taller than most boys until I got to middle school.

I so, totally, stalked her mom's FB page and caught a glimpse of her.  I must say, I have taught my boy well!

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