Monday, September 5, 2011

FDH - Future Dream Husband

I have a running list of characteristics that I would enjoy for FDH to employ...I add and subtract and modify this list on occasion....but here is the gist.  I will add more when the list gets updated again.

Tall and Stout. FDH will have to be bigger than me OR make me feel smaller.  I am NOT short.  I am also not the smallest person.  My size may be whittling down, but I still want FDH to be stout, have some meat on him.  I in no way want to feel like I am going to be punctured by some guy’s bony-ness.  Daddy likes to call what stature I like in a guy “Built like a brick shit-house”

Chivalry Ain’t Dead. FDH has to put my coat on for me.  I realize that I’m perfectly capable of putting my own coat on and I have no problem doing so, but it’s just so sweet when a guy helps you.  There are a ton of chivalrous things that I hope my man does but the coat assistance stands out to me.  We always hear about the door open, but you rarely see the coat assistance.  And I love me some coats…even though I live in Georgia and it rarely gets cold enough for a coat…even in winter.  Also, lead me with his hand in the small of my back…let’s me know that I am being looked out for.

Handy Manny.  I need someone who can take care of business when the occasion calls for it.  I mean if we break down on the side of the road and all we have is a stick of gum and a bag of popcorn, he should be able to fix anything, correct?

Athletic.  I hate to even bring this one up because I know that sports aren’t everyone’s thing, but I think it might be a necessity for me.  FDH doesn’t have to be good at sports….he doesn’t even have to still play any sports…but previous participation is a big plus.  I’m partial to football, but other sports will do.  As long as I don’t have to explain to you what’s going on in the game we’ll be good.

Accents.  A Southern Accent to be exact.  You wanna feel the steeping sweet tea and honey suckle come from his mouth. 

Big Hands.  This is a strange one to most, but it has always been on my list.  I am Jennifer Howell and I am 5’10” and I have big hands.  Crazy big hands.  My hands seem to overwhelm most of my petite friends.  I rarely can find a winter glove to wear that didn’t come from the men’s department.  FDH must have big hands.  One’s that will make me feel safe and protected as he holds it.

All in the Family.  In the past I sometimes feel like I have fallen for the family more than I had the boy…maybe that should have been my clue, but a good family is a necessity, especially if I am becoming apart of it and will have to participate in it for the rest of my life!  I know that families come in many shapes and sizes and we all have our quirks, but if FDH loves each and every aspect of his family (good and bad) and they get along, I’m down!

Family Man.  FDH wants to be a family (and will be a kick-ass father). Like, wants them. Knows he wants them. Not someone who thinks he will want them "someday."

Loves to laugh. FDH laughs at my jokes. And I mean really laughs, because he thinks I am hilarious, not just to be polite because eventually politeness wears off. 

Attention to Detail. FDH will know tulips are in season starting mid-April. Tulips are my most favorite flower in the entire universe. I would rather get a bouquet of tulips from the deli every week for that short period that they're available at the end of winter and early spring than roses every week for a year (unless they are sterling roses). It's not about getting flowers from a man. It's about him being someone who remembers that they are among my most favorite things on the planet and having them around me makes me happy.

Different Smarts.  FDH is really smart, but hopefully in different areas than I am. Some of the sexiest professions are in fields that I know nothing about—architects, firemen, cabana boys—and I love the idea of meeting someone who brings new ideas into my world and vice versa. Which is not to say I wouldn't love to date someone in the medical field—I would—but hopefully he is also a rocket scientist in his spare time.

Team Player. FDH is strong enough to cook and do the laundry.  It’s not that I want FH to do these things everyday; it is that I want to know he is there and ready to pitch in ANYWHERE occasionally!

Forgiveness Counts.  FDH is not critical and can forgive.  This is a trait that I hope to reciprocate.  Criticizing is a fear related activity and does not contribute to a healthy relationship.  Forgiveness is needed in small and large amounts daily.  Without it we can become revengeful and unhealthy.  It is something we need to do for ourselves and others.

Not right all the time.  Everyone makes mistakes and people who can admit to their faults are admired.

Sense of Humor.  Humor comes in a lot of different packages.  Some are funny with little boy humor, many have a coy wit about them.  FDH will have a gentle sarcasm which at times bears a bit of truth.  I especially like it when he makes the joke’s about him and not at someone else’s expense.  Oh and has to be able to handle my gentle, competitive sarcastic humor!

Good Listening Skills.  FDH doesn’t have to agree with me, but he can always listen to me and hear what I have to say without getting upset or defensive.  He can hold me and let me cry without demanding I give a reason.  It is really nice to have someone to go to when we are overwhelmed and frightened. 

Thinks I am the best…EVER.  FDH thinks I am the best he has ever met and doesn’t have a difficult time letting others know it.

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  1. Love this ! It is always good to set standards!Dont settle for anything but the BEST!