Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Big Step = Big FAIL!

If you are my friend on facebook, you most definitely know that I had a fight with our front door Monday night.  The turning mechanism jammed and we couldn't get the door open.  I inevitably had to take the door of the hinges, but that was a feat in itself.  I had to use my mad football skillz to bump the door off the hinges and when I went to bump the bottom part of the door off it's hinge, I slammed my face into the door jam! Oh what fun it has been to try and cover a lovely black and blue bruise just under my left eye.  Well once the door was finally off the hinges I was able to get the door knob off the door and rehinge the door.  Tuesday after work I headed over to the Lawrenceville Home Depot to find a new front door knob - I even did research online so I wouldn't look like and sound like an idiot at the "man's store".  Well, as a woman, I must say that that store is the MOST unorganized place in the world.  You'd think that the door knobs would be with the doors, nope!  So after getting slightly irritated...we finally run into an orange apron'd worker.  I immediately belt out "DOOR KNOB!" After his startledness wore off, he lead us to the promised land of knobs - where I took the big step and flirted and enjoyed every minute of it, as I believe he did too.  He wasn't my "usual" flirt type, but I am trying new things and wanting to step out of my box.   After finding what I needed (YAY for new door knobs) we (Shannon - we ride together to work) headed out the door - but Shannon decided he needed my number because we "flirted well" together, so she headed back in to give him my number and I didn't stop her.  She came back to the car with a huge smile on her face and told me that she asked him if he had a girlfriend and he said no so she gave him my number.  Before we even made it to Winder I had gotten a text from him.  YAY.  We texted for a couple hours and he said that he would contact me the next day or Thursday (because he is in school and would be in class most of the day).  Well, me being me, I got anxious when I got home to learn more about this person, so I did want any girl in her right mind would do....try and find him on facebook.  Well I found him....and his marital status of MARRIED! FUUUUUUUUUDGE! Boy can I pick em!

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